Purchasing a Home After Bankruptcy

1. Wait Review the expenses that are coming in the near future and some long-term goals; Consider expenses coming four or five years down the road.. In order to prosper and move forward, it’s necessary extensively manage your discretionary income. Make sure you pay every one of your bills on time, every time, all of the time. Make debt repayment a habit that becomes second nature to you. 2. Save Once your current budget is under control, you’ll need to […]

5 Tips For Better Real Estate Photos

It’s critical to keep in mind that property listing photos are a buyer’s first impression of a home. With that said, here are a few tips when taking shots of an estate: 1. Plan Your Shot Have an outline of the shots you want to take prior to pulling your camera out. Make sure you capture all portions of the house to avoid having to schedule a re-shoot. 2. Adjust Furniture Organize furniture in a manner that will be visually […]

Investing And Renting Pointers

Investing and Renting out properties does not always rise enough in value to justify the commitment if done incorrectly. Here are a few essential considerations that should guide your decisions, as well as the ways to guide your financial goals toward success. -Have knowledge of your market -Luxury homes often times hold the key to profit. -Utilize and vacate your vacation homes. -Caveat rental. -Make Flipping Houses Your Niche! -Vacant properties will vary in success. -Profit potential will rise in […]

Industrial Real Estate Market Is Booming!

Warehouses are the most popular accessory to commercial real estate these days. Sustained growth in jobs, population and consumer confidence are driving expansion for contractors, building supply companies, food distributors and other businesses in need of industrial space across the country. The companies doing construction on larger homes, condos, and warehouses are also users of industrial space. While the office/retail markets are bouncing back from the recession, the industrial market is skyrocketing, in part because rents are the cheapest the […]

Spring 2015 Real Estate Forecast Is Looking Optimistic!

Spring time means the “for sale signs” are going up and the housing market is soaring. Things were really booming last year, but this year things are exponentially busier than last. March sales are up 25 percent compared to March last year. So which areas are seeing the most movement? A majority of it is heading towards many of the growing cities in Southern California! You also may notice more luxury apartments “going in” as a result of people either […]

8 Strategic Ways to Get Your Real Estate Business Recognized

1. Utilize Well Known Listing Services. Properties listed on popular services attract a significant number of potential customers. 2. Customize Your Vehicle. Get your business logo and contact info put on your vehicle. This helps to advertize your business on the go! 3. Get a Unique Look. Have a color, uniform or insignia that is unique to your real estate business. Make sure you are distinctive but in a positive manner. 4. Optimize Maintenance on your Company Website Maintain your […]

Steve Jobs’ Impact on the Real Estate Market

Steve Jobs once said, “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.” It is critical for the marketer to understand and cater to the buyers needs, prior to mastering the technological side of their business. Before speaking on on technology, let’s focus on something far more important; Let’s talk about the customer. After all, agents are constantly reading about the next new technology that promises to make their business more efficient, increase leads or […]

Online Real Estate Marketing In Mexico

The estimated number of internet users in Mexico by the end of this year, is an astounding 65 million. The number of users will directly impact the sales of the local real estate market. 82 percent of Mexico’s ever-growing populous utilize the internet to find homes. In fact, the number of online real estate inquiries has increased by 25 percent from 2013 according to Google Analytics. 24 percent of these real estate searches were carried out via mobile device in […]

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