Reduce your Overall Curb Trash

There are two appliance options for reducing household trash; installing a garbage disposal unit or a trash compactor. Though they are often referred to by similar names, they are two totally different appliances with their own distinct operational functions. The Garbage Disposal was invented in 1927 and now more than 50% of US homes have a disposal unit in their kitchens.  Yet, many people either under utilized their disposal or continue to use the trash can method.  Garbage or food […]

Moving? How to Organize the Kitchen

The kitchen should be the first room to be unpacked and organized primarily because it’s the one area of the home where most things happen, including meal preparation and family get-togethers. This can be difficult for small kitchen spaces or for larger areas that have little counter space or few storage areas. Here are a few quick ideas: The items you should unpack first? Pots, cutting boards, knives, silverware, dishes, dish towels, spices, etc… These are the heart of the […]

Don’t’ Be a ID Statistic

To avoid becoming an identity theft statistics, here are a few recommended tactics of prevention and monitoring. Take note of this information and keep your accounts safe. Secure Your Mail – Get a mailbox with a lock or use a post office box. Limit Your Incoming Mailed – Get online accounts for all bank and credit cards. Never Leave Personal Information in Your Car – Nineteen percent of Americans 18 to 49 admitted they have left their wallet or purse in […]

Parent Tax Breaks

Do you have kids? Stay up to date with the tax benefits and deductions you may qualify for.  Here a few to consider. From the year your child was born in most cases, if under age 19 or under age 24 if he is a full-time student you can claim your child as a dependent on your tax return. For each dependent child under the age of 17 you may be eligible for up to $1000 tax credit. If you […]

Why Do You Need a Home Inspection?

When your purchase a home the residential agreement allows you the option to accept or waive the opportunity to have your new home professionally inspected.  This is an important decision to consider. Buying a home could be the largest single investment you will ever make. To diminish nasty surprises and unexpected problems, you should want to learn about the newly constructed or existing house before you buy it.  A home inspection may isolate major repairs or builder oversights, including the […]

Buy a Vacation Home

Buying a vacation home is exciting but as with any other major purchase, it’s important to think things through carefully.  Here are some suggestions to help you make the best buy. Decide whether this is a place where you’d like to spend every vacation. Base your decision on your lifestyle and recreational interests. Select the type of vacation home that best suits your needs. Do you have family to consider? Hire on a reliable Real Estate agent and he will […]

Fall Blooming Flowers and Plants

Even though the season says it Fall, California can’t seem to shake off the summer heat.  More than likely, you’ve noticed that nature is alive and well as our blooming landscapes have died off and the gardens have lost their color. Even though the drought is still active, there are some hardy fall blooms you can plant in your garden and will last up to 3 years. You may have heard of perennials but do you know what they are? […]

How Are Property Taxes Calculated?

Once you become a property owner you will own property taxes forever and faithfully on an annual basis.  On average, most folks will pay their bill when it arrives without question however, a time may arise when you find yourself wondering whether you’re actually paying the right amount for your property taxes. With that said, we need to learn more about property taxes calculation, and how values are determined. Why Do You Property Taxes? The taxes that you pay on […]

How to Organize a Small Home

Small homes have great potential with proper planning. If you own a small home or plan to downsize here are a few helpful organization ideas so you can make the most of your cozy space. Baskets, Plastic and Bags Storage containers come in all shapes, sizes and textures.  You can get organized and decorate your home at the same time.  Large plastic containers are great for books or linens.  Baskets are nice for you home office and closet.  For even […]

Kitchen Trends

The kitchen is the heart of a home. Are you shopping for new house or, is it’s time to update your current abode? Meals us to be prepared and served in a room behind closed doors; the kitchen.  In this room you never saw the cook until the meal was complete or the dishes were washed.  There was another space in most homes named, the dining room.  The dining room was designated for holiday’s and special occasions…only. Finally, the open […]