Thinking of buying a condo? Here are some things to be aware of.

For some people for what ever reason a condominium is preferable to a house. There are pros and cons to both houses and condos. If you are in the market for a condo instead of a house there are some things you should be aware of that will help make the experience a good one. With so many condominium properties plagued by foreclosures and delinquencies, buyers need to do their homework if they don’t want to watch their dream condo […]

So what’s the latest on the drought in Southern California?

For the last few years the word “drought” has become part of every day life in Southern California. Mandatory water conservation was enacted, and then there was the “el nino” which promised relief but never really materialized. Through all this the region has experienced same much needed rainfall. Although nowhere near as much rainfall as was predicted due to “el nino” it has still been more than the past few years. So where is Southern California now as far as […]

Good cities to find a job in the Inland Empire.

Current trends are good for the Inland Empire area of Southern California. The housing markets as well as the job markets are projected to be growing for the foreseeable future. With all this predicted growth, where are the best places to find jobs in the area? According to recent studies here are some of the best cities to find a job in the inland Empire. The city of Fontana retains its reputation as the regional hub of the trucking industry. […]

So when is the best time of the year to sell a home in California.

If you’re a real estate agent it’s your job to know when the best time to buy or sell a home in your particular area is. Although markets vary slightly from state to state or even region to region they generally have some things in common. In California the weather is not as much of a factor as in other states where the harsh winters may not permit house hunting at certain times. So what is the best time to […]

What’s the most dangerous room in your house and how can you make it safer?

Fortunately the majority of us will never have a bad accident at home but unfortunately many people will. So just to be aware of what to look at for which room in the house is the most dangerous and how can we make it safer? Some people would think that the kitchen is the most dangerous, after all the kitchen has open flames and sharp knives. In fact the bathroom turns out to be the most dangerous room in the […]

Want more equity in your home? Here are some easy ways to increase it.

Whether you’re thinking of selling your home or not you always want your home to be worth more than what you paid for it. The value of your home over what you pad for it is called equity and amounts to a positive return on your investment. For the most part property values ride over time but there’s nothing wrong with giving that value a little boost. Here are some ways you can have a direct effect on the value […]

Here are some tips you can do yourself to help sell your house.

When it come time to sell your house most of the time it’s left up to a processional, and that’s the best way of doing it actually. But there’s nothing wrong with doing what you can to help sell the house as soon as possible and for the best price. As with all business, “time is money”, and selling your house is no different. The sooner you sell, the better for all involved. So with that in mind, here are […]

Before you invest in a home security system you should know a few things.

Home security is something that almost no one takes lightly. For most of us the extent of home security is making sure the doors and windows are locked. Today home security is big business as it has become something that is more available to most people. With innovations in New technology home security systems have become more effective with more features while at the same time becoming less expensive. But before you go out and spend your money on a […]

What is a home buyers offer letter to a seller and do you need one?

For those who have purchased or sold a home recently in Southern California a home buyers letter to a seller is something that is not too well known. That’s because the real estate market in Southern California has for the most part remained straight forward, either you can afford the house, or you can’t. In some markets however the story is much different. Where it’s a sellers market sometimes money isn’t all it takes to get the house you want. […]

Now that the weather is getting nicer here are some things to enjoy in California.

It’s spring time and by now I’m sure everyone has noticed the nicer weather with warmer temperatures and the fresh air. For many it’s time to do that once a year ritual of “spring cleaning”, out with the old, in with the new. Many are starting to look for ways to enjoy the great California weather and be outside for a while. Maybe a quick getaway or just a night out to relieve the day’s stresses. Here are some nice […]