Good cities to find a job in the Inland Empire.

Current trends are good for the Inland Empire area of Southern California. The housing markets as well as the job markets are projected to be growing for the foreseeable future. With all this predicted growth, where are the best places to find jobs in the area? According to recent studies here are some of the best cities to find a job in the inland Empire.

The city of Fontana retains its reputation as the regional hub of the trucking industry. The city has experienced over 15% in residential growth during the past 5 years and expects to continue this rate entering 2016. The median list price for homes in Fontana, California declined slightly from November 2015 from $349,000 to $339,000 during the month of December 2015. Inventories of homes also declined at a rate of 9% during the last quarter of 2015.The city of Fontana has 8.7% Unemployment. The primary industries here are manufacturing and production, retail and trade, office and administrative&sales, and transportation.

The city of Corona, rich in its quality of lifestyle for its families living among numerous recreational parks, sports fields, and health spas. Inventories of homes in Corona, California declined by 12% during the month of November of 2015, showing a trend of increased buying in the area. Short sales increased during the month of December 2015 with median listing prices remaining consistent through the final quarter of 2015. The city of Corona has 6.1% Unemployment with it’s major industries being management & administrative, construction, retail trade & sales, and manufacturing.

Ontario is located 16 miles from Riverside and home to a superior Los Angeles’ County airport, known for best priced commuter air services. Real estate trends in the city of Ontario, California showed an 8% decline during the month of November 2015, with short sales increasing in the month of December of 2015. The median listing prices for a home in Ontario decline from $349,000 during the month of October to $340,000 in the month of December. Ontario has a 8.9% Unemployment rate. The primary industries in Ontario are retail & sales & office, manufacturing & production, transportation and warehousing, and construction.

Over all the Inland Empire area of Southern California is experiencing considerable growth in jobs which is attracting many new industries.

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