Before you invest in a home security system you should know a few things.

Home security is something that almost no one takes lightly. For most of us the extent of home security is making sure the doors and windows are locked. Today home security is big business as it has become something that is more available to most people. With innovations in New technology home security systems have become more effective with more features while at the same time becoming less expensive. But before you go out and spend your money on a new security system, here are a few things to consider.

There are several basic types of security systems. Wireless, hardwired, cellular, land line are four different system formats that can make a big difference in price and maybe reliability.

First let’s look at cellular compared to land line. With a cellular security system a communicator uses 2G or 3G technology to send alarm signals to the monitoring center, similar to how your phone uses the same networks. Once installed, your system will be more reliable than a cell phone. Because the system remains in the same location, there are no “dropped calls” or going in and out of service areas. By using a cellular communicator you don’t have to worry about cut wires, loss of Internet connection, or power outages.

What about land line? Communication through approved landlines used to be the only option for home security, just as it was the only option for talking on the phone. The only advantage of continuing to use a landline these days is price. Most security companies offer a lower-priced landline-only package as a way to get people in the door. We consider them to be similar to the TV antenna, a cheap option where you get what you pay for. If a burglar cuts your phone line before entering your home, the police will never come.

When it come to wireless compared to hard wired the difference is basically one of costs. A wireless system communicates with it’s sensors over the air and without the need for wires. Obviously the opposite is true about hard wired systems where there is actually a wire running to each sensor. The cost comes in for the installation. A professional is usually needed to install a hard wired system where a wireless system can in most cases be installed by the homeowner.

Those are some basics, other than that it’s a matter of what features you prefer.

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